Qlucore 10 years

The 10th October 2017 we celebrated that Qlucore has been helping researchers to visualize and analyze their data for a decade!

Qlucore 10 years

Meet the professors behind Qlucore

Anniversary offers!

We invite you to celebrate with us with several anniversary offers being announced in the next few months. Make sure to follow us on this page, through our newsletters and via Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with our fantastic celebration offers.

Anniversary offer 1 - Win three months full license (ends 24th January)

Congratulations to the winners:

Päivi Saavalainen, PhD, University researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland

Christoph Cichon PhD, Senior scientist, Department of Infectiology, Centre for Molecular Biology of Inflammation (ZMBE), Germany

Rathi Ryan, Bioinformatics Research Scientist, UNITY Biotechnology, USA

The Qlucore story

In 2001, two professors from Lund University in Sweden met in the kitchen at a party. One of them, Thoas Fioretos, was facing new challenges in his research due to the ever-increasing quantity of data. At that time solutions were based on advanced statistical analysis and not accessible for researchers with a biological background but were the domain of specialist information statisticians. Together with the other professor, Magnus Fontes, discussions progressed with a goal of finding a solution to analysis challenge. Their first main decision was to search for a solution which was visualization-based, and through that make the data analysis process easier and more user friendly.

Ideas and methods had to be turned into usable software, work that was started by Johan Råde, mathematician with experience from software development. In 2007, the first version of the program was ready and Qlucore’s fourth founder, Carl-Johan Ivarsson, began the commercialization of the product.

Qlucore has since grown step by step into a profitable company headquartered in Lund, Sweden. The software, Qlucore Omics Explorer, is now available for users in its ninth version. Many hundred user groups and clients are spread over 25 countries and in diverse application areas. Qlucore customers publish new results weekly in leading international scientific magazines. We are very proud of our development and thankful to our customers that have been with us the past 10 years. The fact that our clients continue to find Qlucore useful by making new discoveries is very important and gratifying to us. We recently released version 3.3 including the new NGS module, and are looking forward to continuing to improve our product to facilitate our customers’ research.

The Qlucore team