Next Generation Sequencing

Qlucore Omics Explorer NGS add-on module enables easy, fast and visual workflows for NGS data.

Explore RNA-seq data for deeper insights with the synchronized approach, using both expression levels and genomic information.

Visualize your NGS data in The Genome Browser in a familiar environment and control what you see using standard user interface controls – no scripting.

Filter with check boxes and sliders which regions to include or exclude.

Analyze regions with a Read Coverage above a slider-defined cutoff or make selections based on the built in variant caller.

The innovative pre-processing, which only takes place once, makes the performance requirements manageable and the new module is easy to deploy organizational-wide*. Full interactivity is provided for few or hundreds of samples, and both for RNA-seq and DNA-seq data. The module accepts standard file formats such as FASTA, BAM, VCF, GTF and BED and results can be exported as reports or high quality images.

Demo film

Watch the NGS module introduction film

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